About the author behind the blog of Navigatingadulthood.com

My name is Ying and I’m a millennial currently residing in the Boston area. I was born and raised in sunny Arizona. After graduating from The University of Arizona with a business degree, I moved to the East Coast. At my first “grownup” job, I made over 200,000 cold calls for one of the largest technology companies. Today, I’m an IT project manager by day and by night, I’m a blogger extraordinaire, aspirational home cook and tv binge watcher.

About Navigating Adulthood

Navigating Adulthood is a community for twenty-somethings, Millennials and recent college graduates to help make the transition to adulthood easier.Think of this blog as a free online “adulting school” where you can learn the life skills they never taught you in school. Our goal is to teach you the skills needed to master adulting and be a successful adult by providing tips, tutorials, advice, and inspiration.

Have a question or need advice? Contact me using the form on my Contact page or send me a message via Twitter or Instagram. I’m @NavAdulthood at all my social media handles!