Adulting In The Kitchen: Cooking For Beginners

Hi, I’m Ying and I’m here to teach you how to cook. One of the hardest parts of being a grownup is realizing that although eating out is fun, it’s not great for your budget.

Cooking can seem daunting, but I’m here to teach you basic cooking techniques like how to pick your produce, knife cuts, how to cook meat, and so much more! I’ll also share [mostly] healthy meals that are simple to prepare. You can cook, I believe in you!

Welcome to Adulting in the Kitchen! My name is Melissa and I want to teach you how to cook. Stick around and I’ll help you learn to feed yourself a (mostly) healthy diet of deliciousness.

Do you have some cooking skills that you need help with? Send me an email at ying [at ] and I’m happy to help!

Adulting In The Kitchen- Recipes

Adulting In The Kitchen- Cooking Techniques