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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Best 27 Gifts Under $50

In a perfect world, you’d spare no expense spoiling your dad on Father’s Day. But what if your dad deserves a luxury yacht and your bank account is barely in the three or four digits? Not to worry, I’m here with some great Father’s Day gift ideas.

Even if you’re on a budget, you can still let your dad know how much he means to you with an original gift idea that won’t break the bank. I promise that these aren’t super predictable Father’s Day gift ideas like buying your dad yet another tie, or getting him his 30th pair of cufflinks that he never wears. Everything on this list is less than $50 and I’ve broken it out by price point. Gift ideas range from to a geeky Star Wars mug to a breakfast burrito maker [because who doesn’t honestly like a good burrito?]. I’ve categorized the Father’s Day gift ideas by price point to make things a bit easier.

I hope that you’ll get some inspiration for some last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas!

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Top 27 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Price Point

Inexpensive Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $10

1. Brain ice cube mold: [$11] If your dad is into the whole zombie thing (*cough* Walking Dead), give him some brains! We all know zombies love brains, and dads love a stiff drink. Up the awesome on Dad’s scotch on the rocks.

2. Shark bite coozie: [$10] Shark Week isn’t the only time of year that we get to think sharks are cool! I promise that alcohol is not a requisite for my $10 Father’s Day gift guides, but your dad works hard, and he deserves a drink! If your dad doesn’t drink alcohol, this coozie is still useful for holding sodas. This whimsical gift idea is useful, and whenever he uses it, he’ll think of you.

3. One F**kin’ Drop at a Time Hot Sauce: [$10] Who doesn’t love crazy, over-the-top hot sauce! If your dad loves hot sauce, this is a great gift. Warning, this hot sauce is probably not for those that occasionally like to dabble in Tabasco.


4. Best Dad Ever shirt: [$10] This gift is pretty self-explanatory. Let your dad subtly brag about how great his kids think he is by getting him this shirt. It’s a bit more modern slash internet-age than the all-time classic “Best Dad” shirt in its delivery, so it will be slightly less embarrassing for you to be seen with him!


5.  Magnetic wristband that holds screws and nails: [$10] If your dad is a handyman like mine is, then he’s probably also lost countless hundreds of screws which have rolled off of the workbench, never to be seen again… This gift is super useful for holding onto screws and nails while he’s working on a project. I actually got my dad this last year and he loves it.

6. Felt Macbook Sleeve Case: [$10] If your dad has a Macbook, this chic laptop sleeve cave will help keep his laptop safe. I love the combination of felt and leather and it looks way more expensive than it is!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $20

7. Beard Brush and Comb Set: [$17] Does your dad have a great beard that would make Santa jealous? Maintaining a proper beard is easily as labor-intensive as the most complex hairstyle. Get dad a little something to help keeping him from slowly sliding down that slippery slope to “is it a hobo, or is it a hipster?” beard.

8. What If? book: [$13] This book is a favorite of Mr. NavigatingAdulthood and his dad. If your dad is a bit of a geek and likes to know the answer to questions like, “‘What if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90 percent the speed of light?” then this gift is definitely the gift for him!

9. R2D2 Star Wars mug: [$13] I’m amazed we made it this far down the list without something for Star Wars fans. Check out this awesome R2D2 mug! Now that sassy droid can also keep Dad’s coffee warm!

10. Geeky Math Fraction Shirt: [$12] If your dad is secretly a nerd or a geek, or just someone who appreciates a good math joke, this is a great gift idea. Your dad will appreciate it even more if he’s one of those dads who loves those terrible “dad jokes” that make us all groan…

11. Breakfast Burrito Maker: [$15] Whose dad doesn’t like breakfast burritos? But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just quicker to make toast, or go to the fast-food joint on the corner. Not anymore! Get Dad this super-awesome all-in-one breakfast burrito maker, and he’ll probably have so much fun making them, that he’ll make you some too!

12. Dry bag: [$16] Some dads outdoor activities that are near water [like fishing, canoeing, or kayaking]. Help your dad keep all his important gear dry! This bag is guaranteed to keep things dry even in torrential rain. I used one when I went kayaking and it definitely saved me from having to make a warranty call for my phone and camera.

13. ESPN Trivia Game[$17] This gift is perfect for sports fanatics. Does your dad religiously watch ESPN on a regular basis? This gift is for him. This game has challenging trivia questions and is great for 2 or more players.

14.  Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto: [$17] Meat. A staple of Dads everywhere. If your dad is an avid meat smoker, this book is a great way to support his hobby. This New York Times best selling book provides a thorough meat- and brisket-cooking education from one of America’s most talented pitmasters. Bonus: you might be able to get to taste some of that delicious smoked meat he’ll be creating.

15. Bamboo Wireless Optical Mouse Healthy: [$18] Let’s face it, mice don’t last as long as we would like. Those little rubber feet come off the bottom, and they get all gummy…Ugh. Get Dad a new mouse before his turns into one of those! This one is both stylish and ergonomic!

16. Contigo SnapSeal Byron Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug: [$11] I try not to swear, but this mug is THE SHIT. I’ve had mine for over 4 years, and I use it literally every day in the fall and winter. Since I live in New England, that’s approximately 90% of the year. The lid is dishwasher safe and it keeps hot beverages hot for a VERY long time.

17. Sun Boonie Hat With UV Protection: [$14] If your dad is outside a lot, consider getting him this hat to help protect against UV damage. UV damage is accumulative, so it’s really important to wear some sort of hat when there’s a lot of sun exposure. Mr. Navigating Adulthood assures me that this hat is very manly looking, so it’s man approved!

18. Anker Ultra Compact Portable Charger: [$18] Nothing sucks more than when you’re out and about, and your phone is out of juice. My brother gifted me this exact same one and I use it all the time- whether I’m traveling or just going to the beach, this is the first thing I packed. Cell phone battery portable chargers can be bulky, but this one is very compact.

19. Golf Bag Cooler: [$24] If your dad is a golf enthusiast, this golf bag cooler will help him stay hydrated while enjoying his hobby. This golf bag stands up and also has enough space for his phone and wallet.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $40

20. Scratchable World Map: [$30] If your family are avid travelers, this map is a great way for Dad to keep track of all the place you’ve been. Or maybe Dad is a Jet-setter at work. In any case, it will look great on the wall and it’s functional, which makes it a win-win.

21. Ceramic Waffle Maker: [$36] If your dad likes waffles, this gadget will make breakfast that much better. Breakfast is the best time of the day, so why not make it even better with waffles?

22. Fossil Men’s Trifold Wallet: [$40] If your dad is like mine, the man insists on carrying the same wallet until it’s literally in threads. Treat him to this new wallet with buttery soft leather and extra capacity for all of his receipts.

23. Leather Toiletry Bag/Leather Dopp Kit: [$30] I make it a point to get every man in my life a dopp kit (Also sometimes called a shaving kit) because they make travel a thousand times better. If you keep your travel supplies in your dopp kit and don’t remove them [for example: travel toothpaste, shampoo, and floss] then you’ll always have your toiletry essentials when you travel. Just grab and go!

24. Leatherman Multi-Tool: [$40] This Leatherman is super useful because it has 14 tools that can be used in a variety of ways. Let’s put it this way, if your dad was stranded on a desert island, he could probably use this to build a shopping complex. But he’s a Dad, so he would probably build a bowling alley instead!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

25. Amazon Echo Dot: [$50] I have the original Amazon Echo and it is admittedly a fun gadget. You can ask Alexa to tell you the news, use it to play music, and to add things to your Amazon shopping list. This one is more compact, AND it features an audio-output so Dad can hook it up to his fancy stereo system. Let the man listen to The Beatles and remember how great you are every time he uses this.

26.  Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit [$50] What Dad doesn’t like beer, so why not let him make his own? I mean, let’s be honest, part of the reason why he drinks is probably attributed to your behavior as a teenager.

27. Bluetooth Headphones: [$50] Let Dad take the tunes with him while he works out, or does yard work! With these, you don’t have a cord getting in the way, and getting snagged on things. Plus, the sound quality is on point!

Did you find any of these gift ideas helpful? What are you planning on getting your dad for Father’s Day?

Gift Guide l If you’re on a budget, you can still let your dad know how much he means to you with an original gift. Top 27 Father's Day Gift Ideas For Every Price Point.png

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    1. Yay for Dad shirts! There’s so many dad shirts out there that I tried to include the best ones.

  1. That Shark koozie is amazing. One year I had my had a livestrong sort of bracelet made that said “#1 dad” on it and he has worn it every since…even to work! So cute!

    1. Hi Tilley, thanks for reading! I’ll admit- I kind of want that shark koozie for myself. That bracelet idea is so original- I can see why your dad loves it so much.

  2. I love so many of these gift ideas! My dad is one of those dads that is impossible to shop for–even when Christmas comes around we all seem to have a hard time finding him anything. He has everything he wants, and his hobbies are extremely expensive (photography, computers, etc.) haha! Once I even tried to just get him a cool book on photography and he legit had the exact same one already. I can’t win with him! I think the perfect gift for him this year is to just spend a day with him and let him teach me how to do something (probably photography!)

    1. That sounds like my father-in-law! He’s so hard to shop for that even I need to think about it for a few months. One of my best gift ideas was turning all of his pictures into a calendar- HUGE HIT! Highly recommend!

    1. I’m almost tempted to get it for bobby pins. Except I don’t do my hair…but if I DID put effort into elegant updos, this could be a great idea!

  3. I’m not a Dad but I found myself wanting that breakfast burrito maker!!
    My dad would love the BBQ Book, the Meat manifesto – I think I’ll take a look at it!

    1. I’m with you, I want that breakfast burrito maker too. And good potential gift choice on the BBQ book- I hear it’s like the BBQ holy grail!

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