9 Lessons I Learned In My First 9 Months Of Marriage

9 lessons ive learned in my first 9 months of marriage

Earlier this month, we celebrated 9 months of marriage! June marked nine months since Mr. NavigatingAdulthood and I said “I Do.” This means that we only have 3 more months to go before we hit our first anniversary. I know what you’re thinking- what could you have possibly learned in such a short amount of […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Best 27 Gifts Under $50

Gift Guide l Best Father's Day gift ideas Under $50

* This page contains affiliate links, so if you decide to use any of my links, I’ll receive a small commission of anything you purchase. A BIG THANKS for supporting NavigatingAdulthood In a perfect world, you’d spare no expense spoiling your dad on Father’s Day. But what if your dad deserves a luxury yacht and your bank […]

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Tip From Former Google Career Coach: Use Mind Mapping to Help Set Career Goals

For many millennials [including myself], the unknown can be scary. It’s probably even a specific unknown, like: “What career path is right for me?” “What do I want out of a job?” “What job lines up with my interests?” Former Google career coach Jenny Blake is an advocate of a technique called mind mapping as […]

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