Everyday Items That Are Worth The Extra Money

Save Or Splurge: 5 Everyday Items That Are Worth The Extra Money

One of the reasons why I started this blog is so people could hopefully learn from my [many] mistakes. Today, we’re going to talk about everyday items that are worth the extra money.

We all know that I’m a huge advocate for saving, and I’ve shared money saving tips with you before. However, I have finally learned that when you’re buying true essentials, it’s ok to spend a little more money to get a LOT more quality in your life. In other words, there are some things that aren’t worth cheaping out on- learn from my mistakes!

Here are 5 everyday items that are worth the extra money:


Mr. NavigatingAdultood and I used to try to save money by buying a giant pack of the cheapest socks at Walmart. The only problem was that these socks would only last a week or two. I swear, they were almost like “one time use socks.” After you washed them, they would shrink to different sizes and the elastic would be be shot.

This cycle would repeat again every two months or so when our socks would stop staying up on their own and we would have to buy more [cheap] socks to replenish the stash. It was a vicious cycle until we realized that spending money on better quality socks was cheaper and less frustrating in the long run. Example: I bought a huge pack of Adidas socks from Costco 2 years ago and while they were a pricey investment [I think they were over $2 a pair], they’re still in really good shape.

Toilet paper

When I first moved out on my own, I was on a very tight budget and I exclusively bought one-ply toilet paper because it was the cheapest kind at the store. Mr. NavigatingAdulthood would complain about it when he came to visit, but I blocked him out by saying, “Toilet paper is toilet paper.” When we started living together, he refused to buy anything other than two-ply toilet paper. ….Guys, two-ply toilet paper is AMAZING- like in comparison, one-ply toilet paper feels like cheap sandpaper. Do we spend more on this household staple? Yes- but it’s totally worth it. I can’t go back now! The one-ply toilet paper life is not worth the savings. I know Barry from Money We Have feels the same way!

Cheap shoes

I used to be a cheap shoe junkie. I used to go to the DSW clearance racks at least twice a month and  would find some amazing deals. Unfortunately, most of these shoes were either really uncomfortable [like uncomfortable to the point where I couldn’t stand in them for 30 minutes] or they were really cheaply made. I remember one time I was out, and a strap on a shoe broke and it was really embarrassing.

I’m still a bargain shoe hunter, but my base price point has significantly gone up, because now I factor things in like what material it’s made of, how much cushioning there is, etc. I have less shoes now, but I definitely wear them more.

Quality Winter Coat

I live in the Boston area where we get a lot of snow- in 2016, we broke the record for the most snow ever recorded with 108.6 inches. Needless to say, it gets pretty cold here. When I first moved out to the East Coast from sunny Arizona, I was appalled that a quality winter coat could cost $300. So, I bought 2 cheap coats at less than $100 a piece and basically froze to a human icicle for my first winter. I bought a less cheap coat and FINALLY upgraded to a waterproof long down coat that last winter [similar to this]. Had I just bought a quality coat my first winter [3 years ago] I could have saved myself a lot of discomfort and money.

Dental Floss

A few years ago, Mr. NavigatingAdulthood and I put an extra effort into improving our oral hygiene. Part of that effort went into flossing on a regular basis and not just the week before we had a teeth cleaning. Don’t judge- we’ve all been there, you floss religiously right before that appointment so when they ask you, “Do you floss?” you can honestly say, “Yes.”

Last year, Mr. NA’s dental office started giving out samples of Glide floss and we immediately noticed how much nicer it was than the $2 floss we had been using before. It doesn’t fray in your teeth when you floss, it actually gets food out, and it doesn’t have that gross waxy feeling. If you hate flossing, I strongly encourage you to try this brand out- it makes a world of difference!

Takeaway: what every person values is different. Think about what you really value and if you can afford to spend a little extra for a better quality of life, go for it!

Let me know in the comments below: what everyday items do you think are worth the extra money?

Everyday Items That Are Worth The Extra Money

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  1. Sorry but I have to stick to my 3-ply toilet paper. Hahaha! I can’t go cheap on toilet paper, my bum will hate me too much! I too have learnt that going for the cheapest route can often end up being the more expensive route. And you end up with too much junk in your house as a result! So now I actually spend more, but I spend it less frequently – therefore making it much more worthwhile. For example, boots!

  2. I love the article, I totally agree spending money on these essentials are a must. If you think about it your paying for quality and last longer, so your getting your monies worth.

  3. I think it is important to splurge on things that make your life better, even in the smallest ways. Your everyday life and routine should be invested in. I definitely agree with toilet paper and floss! These are all great ideas.

  4. My mother in law always says… buy cheap u buy twice.. i blame her on buying cheap. She should of put her son into college to become a doctor or something like that… i cant afford bot to buy cheap.. cept for toilet paper thats always the andrex tripple ply 😂😂😂😂…

  5. My sisil picked up some toilet paper for us from Costco cause she was already there – and she got the ‘slightly cheaper’ kind!! The favour was definitely appreciated, but it was the saddest reaction to toilet paper you’ve ever seen, we moped for days but had to buckle down and use it all up before going back to the ‘nice’ kind. There are definitely some things worth splurging on!

    I’ve had my coat for almost 10 years and it’s still going strong. This is a great list!

    1. I’m with you- I don’t think Mr. NA knew that Costco sold cheap one-ply toilet paper until he met me, haha. And I”m glad to hear that your coat has lasted that long- it makes me feel better about spending so much on mine last year!

  6. Toilet paper and floss are two items I will never go the cheap route for. 2 ply toilet paper at Costco is my go item.
    The cheap floss that you get from the dollar store doesn’t get all the stuff between your teeth and plus it’s tough to pull out after flossing. The Oral-B Glide floss is definitely worth the extra dough.
    Kris recently posted…Book Review: The Happiest Toddler on the BlockMy Profile

  7. My husband has come home with the 1-ply TP a few times. I told him he can never bring that stuff into my house again! It’s basically see through. Charmin Ultra Strong, for the win.

    I also love Glide Satin floss! It’s basically like a ribbon and really does work more effectively than the flosses that fray.

    One more I’d add: I’m in love with my electric toothbrush! It cost about $60 and I have to buy brush head refills like, twice a year. I don’t do as good as job cleaning with a manual brush, and I think doing what you can to prevent teeth problems later is worth the money.
    The Luxe Strategist recently posted…How I Bought My Wedding Outfits from eBay and Saved 70% OffMy Profile

    1. Yess, that floss is like magic! And I also love my electric toothbrush- I tend to brush too hard, so the particular model I have lights up and tells you when you’re pressing down too hard. Dentures are expensive- gotta ward off that stage of life for as long as you can!

  8. Yep…especially the shoes and good winter coats! Some of my best pairs of shoes were expensive (to me at least… $50-100) but I have worn them for YEARS. And in the winter, a good winter coat makes all the difference! I like getting out of the house and enjoying the snow in the winter, and a good coat makes this possible on the frigid days.
    Mrs. Adventure Rich recently posted…How I Save Money on Running ShoesMy Profile

  9. I agree with you on ALL of these. I like to buy quality items if I know they’re going to work better for me. I actually love shopping at DSW but I skip the rows of flimsy fashions shoes. They carry some nice brands like Nike or Naturalizers that I buy for work, and I’m constantly on my feet. I also think some quality foods are worth the cost. I try to buy wild sustainable fish vs farm raised fish. That can cost more so I budget for it.

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