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5 Laundry Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Let’s be honest, laundry is one of those chores that most people don’t like to do. Today, I’m going to share five laundry hacks to make it suck less.

I think this meme pretty much sums up our thoughts about laundry as adults.

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I mean, it never seems to end. In a perfect world, we could have clean clothes just magically appear or we would have infinite disposable income that would allow us to keep buying new clothes and never wash our used ones.

Here are five laundry hacks I use each week to keep it under control in my two-person household:

5 Laundry Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Laundry hack #1: Swap out your laundry basket for a smaller one.

This might sound counter-intuitive but having a smaller laundry basket will [hopefully] force you to do laundry more often. I used to have a large laundry basket and could literally go about 2 weeks without doing a load. This was great until I would inevitably run out of clean gym clothes on the day I was trying to go to the gym. Learn from my mistakes! This is the one I have.

Laundry hack #2: Use a laundry detergent that smells good. 

We use Gain laundry detergent in the Island Fresh scent. And it makes the laundry smell AMAZING- it smells so good my husband puts two capfuls with every load to ensure our laundry smells extra amazing.

Laundry hack #3: Call someone when you’re folding laundry to make the time go by faster

I’m ashamed to admit that I literally just came up with this idea last week. I call people while wearing these headphones with a microphone to make the most of the time. I simply put my cell phone in my pocket and the audio quality is good enough that no one has complained thus far. Call your mom, make her day + also get your laundry situation taken care of. Win-win.

Laundry hack #4:Set a timer for ten minutes and tackle the task a little at a time

We have all had those times when the mountain of laundry somehow grows out of control. Try setting a timer for ten minutes and committing yourself to ONLY fold laundry during this time. No checking your Instagram feed, no texting your friend- only use this time to put away clothes. This tip is great to use little pockets of time throughout the day that could otherwise go wasted.

Laundry hack #5: Hang all clothes that can go on hangers

This might just be me, but I would much rather fold socks than shirts. There’s something mentally daunting about having to fold 30 shirts because they’re “big items.” To help combat this, I make a strong effort to hang up all shirts and pants as soon as I can. Bonus: this also helps the laundry pile seem much smile!

What laundry hacks have you found to be helpful when tackling this evil but necessary chore?

Five laundry hacks to make laundry suck less as an adult

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  1. I actually like doing laundry. It’s so refreshing to see clean clothes. Folding laundry is very soothing to me. Great tips overall!

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