The key to reducing stress and managing the job process is staying organized. Free job application tracker to help you stay organized during your job search.

Free Job Application Tracker- How To Stay Organized During The Job Search

 This is the first post in the blog series: Detailed, Step-By-Step Guides For How to Find A Job. If you missed the intro, click here:

Importance of Staying Organized During Your Job Search

One of the not-so-fun parts of being an adult is finding a job. The key to reducing stress and managing the job process is staying organized. There’s even research to back this up: “studies have shown that organized people are more likely to achieve their goals, feel a sense of accomplishment and be happier with themselves, than those who are not” (source: Huffington Post).

When you’re trying to keep track of application deadlines, which positions you’ve applied for, and which stage of the interview process you’re in, it can be hard to keep everything straight!

I’ve done the hard work for you and created this free job application guide to help you stay organized during your job search. Let’s take a look at the sections:

Overview Of The Job Application Tracker

  • Position: what role you’re applying to [example: customer service rep, store manager
  • Company: name of the place you’re applying to
  • Date Application Submitted: when did you submit your application
  • URL to Job Post: This is so you can reference back to it if needed
  • Materials Submitted: When you submitted your job application, did you submit a cover letter, resume? Use the dropdown to select which materials you submitted
  • Contact Name/Title: Who has been your main contact for the job search so far?
  • Phone Number of Contact: Contact number for your point of contact at the company
  • Email of Contact: Email for your point of contact at the company

Sections relating to what stage you are in the job search process:  

  • Status: Use this dropdown to indicate if you’ve heard back- options ranging from “heard back” to “got job offer”
  • Notes On What Went Well: This is helpful because you can track what you did well so you can keep doing it!
  • Notes On What Needs Improvement: This is helpful because you can track how to be better at interviewing for your own notes
  • Follow-up: Did you send a thank you email or thank you letter to the people you interviewed with?

Get the Free Job Application Tracker

Leave a comment below and let me know if the job application tracker was helpful for you [any feedback is also appreciated!]

How to Stay Organized During Your Job Search- Free Job Application Tracker

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