How to never lose a password again with lastpass

Tips For Your Twenties #3: How To Never Lose a Password Again with LastPass

Are you one of those people who uses the same password for everything [so you won’t get locked out of your Nordstrom account during a big sale]? Or are you one of those people who writes all their passwords on Post-Its and sticks them all over their workspace? Do you fall into both of these categories? [insert me jumping up and down with my hand in the air]. You need LastPass in your life.

I used to drive my husband nuts because I would use the same “very secure” password I’d used since high school for literally everything. Did I mention that this very secure password had no capital letters or symbols? I might as well have taken a page from Dennis the Menace and used my address for my safe combination.

Then, he introduced me to LastPass and no exaggeration, my quality of life has improved at least 10%. And it’s FREE. And no, this post is not sponsored- I just love this site so much that I wanted to tell the internet about it [people in real-life are probably tired of me harassing them to sign up for it].

What Is Last Pass

Straight from the company itself, ” The best way to manage passwords. Just remember your master password and LastPass remembers the rest.”

Basically, you only have to remember your [hopefully] super, strong master password to access your other passwords.

And guys, it is SUPER secure. Once, I was out camping and needed my banking password to pay a bill. Since I was logging in through a “unfamiliar location” [I don’t go camping much. Like at all] LastPass made me do a series of verifications to make sure it really was me. I was admittedly annoyed but can definitely appreciate that my data is protected.

Two Ways to Use LastPass

First Method: Log into the LastPassWebsite

Sign into your account via and you can access your LastPass vault.

Use it via a Browser Extension [my personal favorite way]

I LOVE using it via a browser extension and use LastPass 99% of the time using this method. They have an extension for almost every browser [click here for links to major browsers like Chrome and Safari]. Once you log in [I use the “Remember email” feature, but never the “remember password” feature in case someone steals my computer].

Amazing benefits you get:

  • Whenever you set up new login credentials, and you’re logged in via your browser extension, it will automatically ask if you want to save the password to your vault! Note: I always double check that both the username and password are saved correctly just in case
  • Whenever you log into a site that you have login info for in your LastPass vault, it will automatically fill it in for you.

LastPass Password Generator [click here]

Here’s the last little nugget of gold I’m about to give you: this site has an AMAZING and hacker-proof [so far, knock on wood] password generator. Remember, since you obviously followed my instructions and have the browser extension doing all the hard work for you, you don’t need to remember individual passwords like: “94E5V*y82VVf” Yeah, never would have come up with/remembered that on my own.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the free version of LastPass to keep track of all your passwords and never lose a password again! 


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  1. I’m always forgetting my password and then have to reset it. I’m just too paranoid to save it somewhere.

    1. Definitely give LastPass a try! The super-secure “one password to manage them all” approach has worked well for me over the past 3ish years.

  2. Crazy coincidence but I was talking password managers with someone this afternoon! They were talking about how it can offer security from data breaches. I’m not convinced, though, that a password manager is any more secure than a password on any given website. But I admit I haven’t done much research on the topic.

    1. What I love about LastPass is the cool feature that auto-generates crazy, secure passwords. For work specifically, I have at least 10 different logins to keep track of for different testing environments I manage, so it’s a lifesaver!

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