3 Easy Money Saving Tips- How We Save Almost $400 Every Month

3 Money Saving Tips- Ways we save almost $400 each month-Navigating Adulthood

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of a savings account and how a savings account really came in handy when I landed in the ER a few days before my wedding with a kidney infection. This is a nice introduction for today’s topic: easy money saving tips. I am sharing 3 small things that Mr. […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Best 27 Gifts Under $50

Gift Guide l Best Father's Day gift ideas Under $50- Budget friendly gift ideas for any day- Navigatingadulthood.com

In a perfect world, you’d spare no expense spoiling your dad on Father’s Day. But what if your dad deserves a luxury yacht and your bank account is barely in the three or four digits? Not to worry, I’m here with some great Father’s Day gift ideas. Even if you’re on a budget, you can […]

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5 Dishwasher Tips To Get Squeaky-clean Dishes Every Time

5 smart dishwashing tips dishwashing hacks dishwashing tip

Here are some dishwasher tips and tricks to make the most out of your appliance and ensure that it keeps churning out squeaky-clean dishes. These are some things that I’ve picked up over the years when while living on my own. The dishwasher is a wondrous invention. I mean, in the most simplistic sense, it’s a magical box where […]

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Why You Should Live Below Your Means And Not Just Within Your Means

The Difference Between Living Below Your Means vs Living Within Your Means Living Within Your Means Most people seem to offer the advice, “Live within your means” which means your expenses should be less than what you make. For example, if you make $1,000 a month and your monthly expenses are $980 a month, then […]

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7 Easy Tricks To Make Store-bought Pasta Sauce Taste Homemade

how to make pasta sauce taste better with simple add-ins

Quick Add-ins That Are Guaranteed To Elevate Your Pasta Sauce And Take It From Good To Amazing Homemade pasta sauce is amazing, but depending on the recipe you use, it can also be time-consuming. And let’s be honest, after a long day of work, ain’t nobody got time for a 2 hour recipe. Jarred tomato […]

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40 Life Lessons I Have Learned [So Far] In My 20s

40 Life Lessons I've Learned In My Twenties

  I would like to think that the older I get, the wiser and smarter I become. At the rip old age of 26, I feel like I’ve learned a lot through trial and error. Below are the top 40 life lessons I’ve learned so far in my 20s. Here’s to making the rest of my twenties […]

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Tips For Your Twenties #2: Listening to NPR During Your Morning Commute Will Make You Smarter

Tips for 20s- listen to npr- navigating Adulthood

During a job interview at Vanguard 5 years ago, the interviewer asked me, “How do you keep up with current events?” I was a bit stumped, but responded that I tried to read the New York Times for a few minutes before class every day. When it was my turn to ask the interviewer questions, I […]

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Chicken Noodle Soup In Under 15 Minutes-Adulting In the Kitchen

Beginner-friendly recipe: Chicken noodle soup in under 15 minutes

Chicken Noodle Soup is the ultimate sick day food. Sure, you can also eat ramen, but chicken noodle soup is so much more nutritious and it’s way lower in sodium. One of the unfortunate parts of being a grownup is that you often have to take care of yourself when you’re sick. This soup is easy […]

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