Saying Goodbye- Why I’m Giving Up Blogging [For Now]

Today, I wanted to share my experience of achieving “success” as a blogger in my 6 months of blogging…. and why I’m giving it up for the foreseeable future.

Why I Started This Blog

I started this blog in March 2017 because I felt like I needed hobbies other than binge-watching shows on Netflix and baking cookies. I thought a blog was a perfect addition to my life: it would provide me with a creative outlet that my day job in IT wasn’t able to offer, it would allow me to learn new skills, and it would potentially let me make some extra cash.

My Blogging Journey

Once I started blogging, I was hooked. I found that learning about topics such as keyword research, Pinterest strategies, and SEO was really fun and interesting for me. After a LOT of research + trial and error, I saw my blog numbers steadily grow. I was able to double my traffic every month from March to July. In July, I reached almost 8,000 page views thanks to a Pinterest pin that went viral with more than 500 repins. It was so humbling to see that there were literally thousands of people who were reading content that I had created!

Why I’m Giving Up Blogging

So you might be thinking to yourself, “Ok crazy lady, you achieved almost 8,000 views last month. Why are you giving up months of hard work?”

If I had to sum it up: I’m bad at moderation.

I promise that this isn’t a humble brag- I give 110% to everything I set my mind to [friends, family, and Mr. NavigatingAdulthood can confirm]. I set the bar high for everything I set out to achieve. Case in point: if I have a nachos craving, I’ll make my own nachos. And by “make my own nachos” I mean I have to make my own tortilla chips, make the salsa from scratch, make the guacamole from scratch, etc. As my husband likes to joke, I am physically incapable of half-assing anything.

With blogging, I would wake up at 5AM Mondays and Wednesdays to work on blog posts in addition to spending 2+ hours every evening managing social media, promotional strategies, and writing new blog posts. In addition, I would spend at least another 12 hours every weekend working on my blog.

When going to sleep at 2:00AM started becoming a regular thing, I knew that I had to cut back on my blogging [which had at this point exceeded 20 hours a week]. I tried to only work on my blogs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings so I could spend time with Mr. NA but I was admittedly very bad at this. It was just too tempting to think of how much better my blog viewership could be if I just spent 2 more hours on social media rather than “do nothing” and watch tv with my husband.

I Underestimated How My Day Job Would Detract From The Fun Of Blogging

Some of the projects that I manage at work involve managing all of our newsletter communications for our team [which are distributed from audiences of 200 to 3,000 people]. And in case you were wondering, technical writing is every bit as dull as you imagined. I spend a great deal of my work week writing and editing other people’s content. I’ll be honest: blogging got less fun over time because I felt like I was in an endless cycle of writing for work and writing for my blog.

It Stopped Being Fun

I got to a point where I felt like blogging was a second job [that I was making very little money from]. I didn’t want to seem like a quitter, so I was determined to continue being a blogger, even if it meant that I didn’t derive much joy from it. Mr. NA eventually convinced me that at the end of the day, blogging is a hobby. And hobbies are meant to be fun.

Blogging Made Me A Bad Partner

I’ve alluded to this before in previous posts, but Mr. NA has a variable work schedule and a LONG commute. It is not uncommon for him to get on the train just before 7:00AM and return home at 7PM or 10PM depending on when his last meeting is. I’m not proud of this, but there were a few weekends where I prioritized the blog over him. Here is a sample conversation:

Mr. NavigatingAdulthood: “It’s a beautiful day outside, do you want to go to the park?”
Me: “No thanks, I’m going to stay cooped up inside with a bowl of Hot Cheetos and blog for 14 hours until my eyes hurt.”

Reading back at this, it makes me laugh because it’s kind of absurd. But it’s totally true! If we went and saw a movie and then had ice-cream on a Saturday, you better believe I allocated for that time on my Google Calendar and “made up” for those lost hours. I would wake up at 6AM both Saturday and Sunday to make sure that I achieved my weekend blogging goals. Like I said, I have a “110% or nothing” attitude, so if I got in the zone with blogging, then Mr. NA would have to occupy himself.

I want to enjoy the time that we do have together on the weekends, and not be a crappy wife. I want to be able to have the freedom of going for a spontaneous weekend trip to the beach without having legit anxiety of whether I had enough social media posts scheduled for the day or if I have enough blog posts written for the upcoming week.

After almost half a year of blogging, it is time for me to say goodbye [for now]. It is a bittersweet departure because I’ve learned so much and I’ve made so many friends in the blogging community. For my blogging friends, I’ll continue to cheer you on from the sidelines- I promise to lurk often and comment occasionally.

I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting me on this journey. Thank you for listening to my rambles and for all of your insightful comments.

With gratitude,


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  1. Good luck! I’m glad you’re doing what’s right and good for you (even though I’m sad I only recently discovered this blog, and haven’t had the pleasure of the past six months). I hope you do stick around!

  2. So sad to see you go Ying! Your blog was really wonderful and I’m glad we “met” each other! I hope you return soon, even if it’s sporadically. I’m feeling a lot of the burnout you described in your post too, mostly in the last couple weeks or so, it’s definitely hard to keep going going going. I’ve hit about 20 hours of blog work. I try not to get so caught up feeling stressed after my numbers anymore too or else I’ll really stop enjoying blogging. Thankfully I have a job doing something different, though it’d be a different story if I coded my blog from scratch.
    Jing recently posted…3 Times My Savings Saved MeMy Profile

  3. I’m so sad to see you go, Ying. But I also understand where you’re coming from because I have been struggling with the same thoughts. The only difference is that I quit blogging so many times before, so I want to stick with it no matter what happens.

    I hope you will come back soon. I was literally thinking about you and how I haven’t seen your comments on FAF or tweet new posts in a while on my way home from work yesterday.

    Being passionate about something and working hard for it is great. But I’ve also seen the (not very positive) it’s made on my life.

    Best wishes with everything. xoxo

    Ms. FAF

  4. I’m so so sad to hear this, although I totally understand. All of the reasons you’ve outlined for why are things that I struggle with, as well. I’m a total perfectionist and there’s a cost for that…One thing I might suggest: maybe you can do stuff on Instagram instead? Those are basically mini blog posts these days, and there’s a LOT less pressure. You still get the community aspect, etc., too!

    I hope to still see you around Twitter and Instagram. And maybe next time I’m in Boston we can go get some Union Square donuts or pastries from Flour!
    The Luxe Strategist recently posted…The Problem With Having a Funny-Sounding NameMy Profile

  5. I’m glad it was a tragedy like a loss in the family!! Keep in touch and keep NA open for whenever you want to come back Ying!!!

    Balancing full time and blogging is super stressful. I told my husband this morning “you know why Im still doing this? I don’t have a job.” And he laughed from the toilet. I’m not sure how you do it!!!
    Lily @ The Frugal Gene recently posted…The $1,000,000 Game: How Any Millennial Can Become a MillionaireMy Profile

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