19 Essentials You Need For Your First Kitchen


My brother recently moved into his own apartment and the topic we discussed the most was, “What are the essentials you need for your first kitchen?” He was on a budget, but he also wanted to get quality items that would last him for a couple of years. This was a smart move, because I’ve […]

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5 Easy Steps To Make Pasta Sauce Stick To Pasta

How to make pasta sauce stick to pasta noodles in a few easy steps-Navigating Adulthood

Today, I’m going to share the secret to getting pasta sauce to stick to pasta. It’s foolproof and works every time.

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7 Easy Tricks To Make Store-bought Pasta Sauce Taste Homemade

how to make pasta sauce taste better with simple add-ins

Quick Add-ins That Are Guaranteed To Elevate Your Pasta Sauce And Take It From Good To Amazing Homemade pasta sauce is amazing, but depending on the recipe you use, it can also be time-consuming. And let’s be honest, after a long day of work, ain’t nobody got time for a 2 hour recipe. Jarred tomato […]

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Chicken Noodle Soup In Under 15 Minutes-Adulting In the Kitchen

Beginner-friendly recipe: Chicken noodle soup in under 15 minutes

Chicken Noodle Soup is the ultimate sick day food. Sure, you can also eat ramen, but chicken noodle soup is so much more nutritious and it’s way lower in sodium. One of the unfortunate parts of being a grownup is that you often have to take care of yourself when you’re sick. This soup is easy […]

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Beginner’s Guide To Cooking Eggs- 6 Easy Recipes

Beginner's Guide To Cooking Eggs- 6 Easy Recipes

I know cooking can seem scary, but I promise that it’s easier than it looks. I have a friend who didn’t know how to cook. When she moved out on her own, her solution to providing meals for herself was to buy 7 different kinds of cereal…a different flavor for every day of the week. […]

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