Weekly Twitter Roundup: May 10-May 17

Here are some things I’ve found interesting on Twitter this week:

Via Apartment Therapy‏: Unusual Painting Ideas for Awe-Inspiring Accent Walls

Via Lifehacker: Everything you need to know about avoiding stomach parasites when munching on sushi or sashimi

Via Dollar Diligence:‏ Here are the 2 Best Budgeting Tools to organize your finances!

Via The Financial Diet:‏ How I Started Feeling Wealthier (& Happier) Without Making More Money

Via Buzzfeed: 7 dinners under $10 you should make this week

Via Dollar Diligence‏: Rent or Buy? The Great Housing Debate! 

Via Bitches Get Riches: 5 Tips to STOP Eating your Paycheck

Via Apartment Therapy‏: The Best Gift I Got When I Graduated College Is One You Haven’t Thought Of

Via BetterHomes&Gardens‏: Try these DIY ideas for transforming your backyard into a family-friendly movie night.

Via Apartment Therapy‏: Study Finds the Secret to Living a Long Life 

Via Apartment Therapy‏: Ideas for Hanging & Storing Towels in a Really Small Bathroom 

What have you been loving from Twitter this week? Have any suggestions for people I should follow? Comment down below!


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